Waking Up in a Kigurumi in an Unfamiliar Place

Nothing beats the comfort of waking up in a kigurumi after a comfortable night of a well-timed rest, eventual deep sleep, and perhaps a few cuddles here and there.

bear kigurumi piggy riding her friend


But not so much if you happen to suddenly wake up in the middle of a forest hiking trip. Even... if your kigurumi is perfectly themed to suit the occasion.

So, how would you suddenly just wake up wearing a kigurumi in the middle of somewhere you absolutely didn't intend to go to, you ask? Well, if you have an overly doting personal maid. One that is more than eager to take her beloved cute baryshnya for a day's adventure to the wild yonder.

bear kigurumi camping with her friend

"Yup! I decided... by myself... that we two should go camping!"

Misha, in a whirlwind of confusion and distress upon realizing the situation, demanded to know what in the world was happening.

Tsubame promptly explained that it as a bit of a desperate move. Unable to make up with Misha since she basically ignored her after the faked online personality incident, she decided to take matters into her own hands by taking her out.

bear kigurumi looking not excited

"Did you seriously think I'd flail my arms in excitement once you take me here?"

No, no, no not "that" take out. She meant to literally take her out for camping. While Misha initially tried to get away immediately, Tsubame made her realize that trying to get out of the forest mountain as a kid is pretty much impossible.

Thus, agree to the day's camp she reluctantly did.

As for the bear kigurumi... it was meant for her to adapt to the cold mountain forest weather, presumably without lessening her visual appeal for the obsessive lolicon burly and sturdy maid.

bear kigurumi peeling a carrot
bear kigurumi sitting in the big rock
bear kigurumi looking in the sky

With the exception of a few precious moments here and there, camp day pretty much came and went without incident. Even Misha herself admits to this uneventful development despite having enjoyed Camembert cheese-dipped veggies. This, unfortunately, allows her to ponder once again occasionally about her memories with her late mother, at least twice during that entire day. 

So deliberate or not, Tsubame's wacky antics did at least help her put her mind away from it, and to focus on what is up ahead instead.

bear kigurumi talking with her friend

"It'd be warm in there at least."

In any case, Misha was eventually convinced to sleep in the tent. She did expect to have difficulties sleeping in such an unfamiliar landscape, especially with Tsubame just right beside her. But Tsubame's chattering actually made it quite easier for drowsiness to kick in.

bear kigurumi getting up in her sleep

"Oh, guess I did sleep soundly after all."

Finally, as the dawn of the next day came and the shining rays of the sun came upon their sleeping tent, she rubbed her eyes and yawned. It was indeed a good night's sleep.

bear kigurumi sleeping

"I was around your age, when I lost my father, that I started to dream about flying to the skies..."

She did remember something about Tsubame telling a good old story about her late father when she was just around Misha's age, but the little lady brushed it off aside to welcome the new morning.

bear kigurumi visiting wild animals

"A zoo at the base of the mountain, with an exclusive petting corner, and all the soft-serve ice cream I can eat you say?!"

And with that, Tsubame reveals her other plan for kidnapping taking Misha to camp: to visit the nearby wildlife park at the base of the mountain and have a good time with her.

bear kigurumi receiving a gift

"I brought this back for you, Yasuhiro!"

bear kigurumi similing

"Did you know, did you know? You can actually bake bread outdoors! And the chicks, they felt really fluffy!"

Unfortunately, we as the audience never got to see the full glorious detail of this other half. But at the very least, we all knew just how enjoyable it was with Misha's bright and cheerful expression as she finally got back home.

Yes, while still wearing that bear kigurumi.

The crazy comedic premise of Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! (うちのメイドがウザすぎる!) seems like a formula of either pure laughs or cringes, especially when you realize just how "dire" the situation really is for Misha. Surprisingly, however, the show manages to inject a lot of serious moments in the form of backstories, in a way that doesn't disrupt its baseline comedic flow at all. These somber events would then often provide the opportunity for the characters to develop and grow.

... sometimes even physically.