Cozy and Rozy Kigurumi Onesies with Valkyrae

Featured Image credit by RoboEye5 (original creator of the YT thumbnail)
(The rest images are directly attributed to Valkyrae.)

Kigurumi onesies may not seem that special nowadays, but they definitely still turn heads among crowds in places and situations where people least expect to wear one.

But how about online? There's much less restrictions with what one should wear when streaming live, so long as you don't push the red buttons of the platform your are streaming on too much.

And indeed, this is where kigurumi onesies have proven to thrive in the best and most positively eccentric manner that they could. The first of which that we shall briefly take a look today are the kigurumi appearances by Valkyrae. Some celebrating very important milestones, and others showcasing the meme-worthy side of the internet.

Valkyrae with her full character kigurumi

Once upon a strange time, during "that magical year" of 2020 in one of her charity streams, her audiences was graced with the now-occasionally-memed segment of her trying to twerk while wearing her kigurumi onesie for that event.

The kigurumi had a very distinct design that definitely looks like a licensed kigurumi. One source says that it's a Teletubby onesie, probably referring to Po. But with the spotted design, horns, and unmistakable nose part, it definitely was nowhere close to even resembling a Teletubby.

Valkyrae with her full character kigurumi posing a peace sign

I have to shamefully admit, though, I can't really recognize the design for the life of me. Asking Google didn't work either, and the closest that I got was a prototype design for the supposed Ultimasaurus toy (kinda close, but I really don't think they're the same).

Anyway, that seemed to sort of become her signature kigurumi onesie for a while, referenced even on a drawing used for the thumbnail of the highlights reel of that particular stream event.

valkyrae in her full rilakkuma kigurumi mirror selfie

More recently, she was wearing a Rilakkuma kiguurmi. Also a licensed one, and definitely more distinguishable this time due to being her main costume for a certain already unlisted special event (with lots more static images scattered around the internet). Though unfortunately for us, there's specific no event or moment that became attached to it afterward.

Valkyrae with her full rilakkuma kigurumi selfie

... Still very memorable though. So there's that.