Perfect Comfy Representation of Kigurumi Onesies with Lilypichu

(All images are directly attributed to Lilypichu.)

We've seen the phenomenon of people wearing stuff that becomes the signature suit, or the instant identifier for their fans. Like Tom Scott wearing red shirts, for example.

For kigurumi, the situation is a bit different. Since each onesie can be quite distinct from one another, the consistency of wearing the exact same one every single time is crucial to making it a signature suit. The best classic example, of course, is none other than Gerard Way and his skeleton kigurumi.

Going a bit further, I also think that it is possible for kigurumi onesie in general, not just a particular design, to be the signature suit. Why am I confident about this? Because many streamers like Lilypichu exist!

Lilypichu in her full animal kigurumi

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the apparent lack of material to cover. Ironically, though Lilypichu was one of the previously long-time Twitch streamers that wore kigurumi onesies, barely any official material was left to use.

Lilypichu with her full animal kigurumi posing

I did manage to find good ones, but well... the context of the images were pretty controversial. Not sure if it is appropriate to parade them around at this current point in time. Her older archives on Twitch are almost non-existent as well, and so far, I haven't struck a hit on any of her relatively recent YouTube archives.

Thus, I decided to just go with the few ones that are completely neutral for this blog post.

Lilypichu with her animal kigurumi together with her cute dog

With that disclaimer out of the way, Lilypichu is quite possib streamers that instantly pops in my head when the idea of "coly, one of themfy streaming with a kigurumi onesie" comes along. Now, now, I understand that there are a lot more of them, and Lilypichu's selection is like, not really an entire wardrobe. But she's so far one of the most chillest-looking in a onesie regardless of the online medium.

The themes also aren't just generic, by the way. Many of these are licensed ones, with references that stretch across many anime/manga/game media.  The one above, for example, represents her previous unwillingness to leave love for League of Legends (LoL). Heck, it doesn't even need to be restricted to either East or West. Anything is fair game to her, so long as there is a hobby to share.

stitch kigurumi fixing her head by her mother

Indeed, anything is fair game... (Shoutout to Michael Reeves, who also had to experience such wonderful(?) passion for both of them)