The Chillest Vanilla Kigurumi Goodness with Pokimane

(All images are directly attributed to Pokimane.)

Pokimane, from a third person's perspective, seems to always be involved in some sort of odd trouble with the misinterpretative media. It seems to be the constant price of being such an influential entity in the world of streaming. But she has always proven to be a very chill person, simply enjoying all the colorful goodness of Akiba-kei culture just like the rest of us.

Kigurumi onesies may not be one of her signature specialties, but she did grace her audiences by wearing one from time to time. Which is not surprising at all, since kigurumi onesies cater both to the clothing's level of comfort plus a user's overall relaxed demeanor. 

And the theme? Why none other than our beloved KoRilakkuma kigurumi onesie, of course!

Pokimane with her full KoRilakkuma kigurumi

The times when she decides to wear her kigurumi are quite far and few in between. Oftentimes it will be during chat streams that have no particular subjects in mind, or during streams with heavier interactions from the audience, such as Q&A's.

Pokimane with her full KoRilakkuma Kigurumi instagram post

Much like other streamers, Pokimane also provides update posts of the kigurumi onesie on other social media sources, stamped with the same particular stream to where it is planned to use.

Pokimane with her full korilakkuma kigurumi spending time with live fan chats

Well, there is also that other occasion where Pokimane wore a Pikachu kigurumi onesie, but I'm not sure I can cover it properly here on the subject of her getup alone.

Whatever the occasion and however she dons it, though, she proves just like everyone else how universal kigurumi onesies can be for livestreams. Especially in your own room, where the levels of comfort and chill is just at its potential maximum.

Pokimane with her full korilakkuma kigurumi shocked opening a package

Apart from her guest Pikachu kigurumi, she hasn't really been seen that often in other kigurumi onesies, so I suppose we can consider that the KoRilakkuma theme has become her default signature.

Maybe this will change in the very near future?