What Size SAZAC Kigurumi Should You Wear?

One of the most common questions that we receive from our customers concerns
sizing: What size kigurumi should I buy? That seems like a pretty natural question to ask. After all, most people might have a lot of experience buying shirts, jeans, dresses, or other outfits, but not a lot of experience buying kigus. And they’re used to fashion brands having all sorts of different sizing patterns and charts to consult. A “large” for one company might not be a “large” for another company. And even within certain brands, sizing might not be consistent. That makes things really confusing, and leads to a lot of product returns.

As a result, we’ve tried to make answering the question “What size SAZAC kigurumi should I buy?” as simple to answer as possible. For just about everyone, the Regular one size fits just fine. Yes, that’s right, you can go ahead and click “Regular” on the order checkout page, and feel very comfortable that the authentic SAZAC kigurumi about to be sent your way is going to fit you perfectly.

So how is that possible, you might ask? Shouldn’t there be a mighty-size unicorn
kigurumi for a mighty-size person? And a teeny-tiny unicorn kigurumi for a teeny-tiny person? Well, not really, and that all has to do with the design of the kigurumi itself. You see, they are meant to fit loosely and to be a little bit baggy everywhere. Unlike a pair of jeans, where you might want to accentuate a certain part of your body’s natural shape,you don’t have those same concerns with a kigurumi. And that’s what makes them so much fun. Instead of worrying about the way you look, you can focus on how you feel. The Regular One Size kigurumi can fit a super-slim supermodel or an extra-beefy professional athlete - and everyone in between.

Still not convinced? Just check out our special YouTube video that we’ve put together, illustrating how the Regular one size unicorn kigurumi fits a wide range of kigurumi-loving customers just fine. For example, on the petite side, Christy is 5 feet, 2 inches and weighs 105 pounds - and the Regular one size kigurumi fits just great. And on the large size of the spectrum, we show how big guys over 6 feet tall - some of them weighing as much as 320 pounds - can also fit into a Regular one size unicorn kigurumi. And due to the way the kigurumi hangs very loosely and comes with extra bagginess, there’s still plenty of unicorn wiggle room, even for the biggest body types.

But we understand - if you’re super-extra tall, you might want a little extra room to move around. As a result, we also offer an X-Tall option in many of our kigurumi designs. This slightly bigger size gives you more room around your shoulders, your underarms and your waist. And it comes with longer sleeves and greater height (as measured from shoulder to ankle). To see how the measurements of the Regular and the X-Tall stack up, we’ve even created a handy little sizing chart to help you see the differences. For example, with a Regular size kigurumi, the height from shoulder to ankle is 132 cm. With an X-Tall kigurumi, the height from shoulder to ankle is 143 cm. That’s 11 extra centimeters of kigurumi goodness!

So the next time you decide to order a SAZAC kigurumi, you’ll know exactly what to do. The Regular size fits all adults 5 feet and taller, while the X-Tall is specifically designed for those adults 6 feet and taller. For most people, the Regular one size is the best option and is available in all designs.


Still have questions about sizing for your kigurumi? Please visit our Sizing page here: https://www.kigurumi.com/pages/sizing