When Your Friend Wears the Kigurumi You Least Expect

The central theme of almost all kigurumi is animals. There's no need to think deeply about it really. Animals, combined with onesies are just that cute and adorable to wear and marvel at.

"I guess. But that's not really as cute as mine though."

Well, apparently there are exceptions for this one as well. Kyoko Toshino, the beloved energetic troublemaker from YuruYuri (ゆるゆり) takes the center stage this time for her very iconic and just straight up unique taste in kigurumi. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you... the tomato kigurumi!

Okay, okay. To be fair, plant produce-themed kigurumi probably doesn't sound that weird as far as full-sized, mascot-type design goes. But given the setting, her character, as well as the rest of the other kigurumi that she brought for her friends at the amusement club, it stands out like a ripe red tomato, literally.

In fact, she sprinkles her outfit with a bit of food simulation roleplay, but probably not the kind that you are initially going to think of.

tomamto kigurumi lying in the floor while talking to her friend

"Yui, try stepping on me."

Oh, and she claims to have won all of them at the arcade. Though, judging by her standard hobby preferences, she most likely just have directly bought them somewhere else that statement is very highly unlikely.

If Kyoko's tomato kigurumi still strikes you as odd, thankfully the other three have something that's quite more palatable to our normal kigurumi tastes.

cat kigurumi looking adorable in her outfit
animal kigurumi looking adorable in their kigurumi

First is Chinatsu, with her cat kigurumi. Apart from her absolutely adorable giddiness in wearing the kigurumi, it's pretty standard, as far as our familiarity goes.

panda kigurumi thinking someone that makes her upset
panda kigurumi looking cute in her tomboyish-nature

Next is Yui wearing a rather basic panda kigurumi. She seems to act the most bashful out of the four when wearing the kigurumi. Considering her tomboyish-nature, it's probably understandable, though that does not make her any less cuter than the rest.

Last one is... umm, who was it again...?

dog kigurumi dancing
animal kigurumi helping to get up

Oh yes, Akari and her dog kigurumi. It would seem that not only does she fit into it perfectly, but she can also put up a good act into the suit as well. Probably a bit too well. Though that may have a completely different impression when viewed from a distance, at least according to Yui.

animal kigurumi and tomato kigurumi having a conversation

"Kyoko-senpai, thank you!"

YuruYuri may be your typical slice of life comedy. Standard, probably even utterly uneventful at times. But even if nothing spectacular is happening in their otherwise ordinary lives, the excitement is still there. It's filled with zany moments that fill that niche of surprise, to give you bursts of chuckles along the way.

That, or probably a slight feeling of uneasiness that some of these characters are going into very questionable directions in their lives as the episodes progress along.

tamato kigurumi


Regardless of how your view of the series turned out, Kyoko's tomato kigurumi is undoubtedly cemented into Akiba-kei culture as one of its rare vegetable-themed fruit-themed memes.